Emerald City Soul Club Weekender Thursday Meet-n-Greet

Emerald City Soul Club Weekender Thursday Meet-n-Greet

Genres: Soul


Dance Meet and Mingle with Emerald City Soul Club, Guest DJs, and Weekender Party People.

Rare Soul DJs all evening

Featured Sweet/Chicano Soul sets by Ruben Molina (LA) and Ben Mena (MSP).

Ruben will be signing copies of his book “Chicano Soul-Recordings & History of an American Culture”.

Ruben Molina (L.A.):

Is a prominent independent scholar and soul music collector. He holds an extensive collection of Mexican-American and Soul music recordings which he has compiled since he was a teenager in 1960s Los Angeles. In 1998, Ruben penned his first book, "The Old Barrio Guide to Low Rider Music". His first book catalogued the music consumed by Chicanos in the seventies’ low rider culture. In 2007 he wrote "Chicano Soul: Recordings and History of an American Culture" which further documented the recordings and history of Mexican American soul groups and garage bands throughout the Southwest; last year "Chicano Soul" was reissued by Texas Tech University Press. Ruben Molina also served as co-producer on the "Chicano Rock" documentary for PBS. He worked on the Smithsonian Institute’s traveling American Sabor museum exhibition that focused on Latino popular music. Ruben also deejays soul music with his Southern California collective called the Southern Soul Spinners. His DJ sets have been enjoyed in Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, San Antonio, San Francisco, England, Mexico City, Spain and Germany. Most recently Ruben Molina co-wrote/co-produced the up-coming documentary "Soul Of Lincoln Heights" which premiered August 11, 2018.

Ruben Molina

Ben Mena (MSP):

My personal tastes in records are across the board from 50's to the 80's. That'll include sweet soul (firme rolas only :-) ), xover, and a heavy dose of soul from my adopted home of Minnesota.

Top ten MPLS 45s

-Wanda Davis - Save me - Project Soul

-Valdons - Love me, leave me - Twin City Movement

-Prophets of Peace - the Max - Maxx

-Dave Brady and the Stars - Baby baby I need you - Darby

-Strivers Show Band - Love episode - Strivers

-Stylle Band - If you love me - Gold Star

-Mind & Matter - I'm under your spell - M&M

-Gypsy - Cuz it's you - F&E

-Little K & the Internationals - the Squabble - AW Wilderness

-Midnight Stomper - You better hold me darling - Twin Town


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